Historic Redwood

STACKLAB has sourced old-growth redwood from the Ukiah Valley in California for use in the studio. The incredible 17 ft. logs and large burls were salvaged during the dismantling of the largest and oldest redwood mill in the world. The logs processed by Mill B of the Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) in Scotia, CA are the largest redwood logs ever milled by man and measure up to 22 ft. across. It took over 19 months to disassemble the three-acre, three story redwood-framed building including all the machinery. In total, the dismantling yielded approximately 4 million feet of virgin old redwood and several hundred thousand feet of virgin douglas fir.

The reclaimed logs are certified through the Forest Stewardship Council as FSC Recycled material. Carbon dating of the material has revealed it to be 2500 to 4000 years old.